For all Election information, feel free to visit www.sussexcountyclerk.com

To register to vote in Hamburg, New Jersey you must be a United States citizen, must be 18 years old by the next election and you must be a resident of Sussex County for 30 days before the election.

Registration Deadline Dates
You may register to vote any time you wish however to be eligible to vote in an upcoming election there is a registration deadline of 21 days prior to the election day.

Applications for voter registration can be obtained by through the Forms link on the left or the Hamburg Municipal Clerk, the New Jersey Division of Elections, the Commissioner of Registration office in Sussex County and various State agencies such as the Division of Motor Vehicle.
After entering the required information, fold and mail per instructions.

What if I change my name or move?
The Voter Registration Form can be used for either first time voter registration, or to report a name Change and or Address Change information. If you move from one county of New Jersey to another, you must re-register to vote within the registration deadline in order to be eligible to vote in your new county.

Can I fax or email my voter registration form?
No. The Commission of Registration cannot accept faxed copies or electronic transmission of a voter registration form since an original signature is required.

Who Is Not Eligible for Voter Registration?
A person is not eligible to register to vote if he/she is serving a sentence or on parole or probation, as a result of a conviction of an indictable offense under state and federal law or if the person has been adjudged mentally incompetent.

To obtain more information contact:
Sussex County Clerk’s Office
Election Department
83 Spring Street, Suite 305
Newton, New Jersey 07860