Tax Assessor

The Tax Assessor’s office is responsible for valuation of all real property located within the Borough for the purpose of establishing a fair and equitable tax base.

Additional Resonsibilities:

  • Processing all deeds
  • 200′ property owners lists
  • Maintaining & updating tax maps and tax lists
  • Assigning property locations
  • Adding subdivisions, etc. to the tax lists
  • Inspection of all construction, renovations, etc., for tax purposes

2018 Ratio: 91.69%
Date of Last Revaluation: 2014

Jason Laliker, Tax Assessor
973-827-9230 x 4016

Answers to Frequently Asked Tax Questions…

Q – How do I change the name on my deed?
A – A deed is an official document, recorded at the county level and a new deed has to be recorded to add or delete anyone from the official record of ownership. We recommend that you seek legal assistance from an attorney or a title company specializing in property transactions.

If you own the property as tenants by the entirety or as joint tenants with the right of survivorship, a new deed may not be necessary. Provide a copy of the death certificate and deed to the tax assessor for review.

Q – When will I be billed for any improvements done to my property?
A – You will be sent a letter from the Assessor after the improvement has been issued a Certificate of Occupancy or is substantially completed. The letter will advise you of the additional assessed value due and what year(s) are involved. The new assessment will cause additional bill(s) to be issued. The bill called an added assessment bill will be sent out in October and due November 1st (4th qtr) of the current year and February 1st and May 1st of the following year. The added bull must be combined together with your original bill that was received in June. When the new bills are generated the following July, all taxes will be combined into one bill.