Historical Society

The Hamburg Historical Society formed in 1999 is a 501c3 non-profit organization and the official historical society of the Borough of Hamburg.  The purpose of the Historical Society is to promote awareness of the history of Hamburg and related topics through education programs, photographs, and/or exhibits, and to support and promote historical preservation of artifacts and/or structures relating to the history of the Borough of Hamburg.

Annual membership in the Historical Society is $10 for individual membership and $15 for family membership.  Checks for dues or donations should be made payable to “Hamburg Historical Society”  and mailed to Dr. Marion Wood, 47 Vernon Avenue, Hamburg, NJ 07419.

The Hamburg Municipal Meeting Room is home to many of the historical photographs restored through the efforts of Dr. Marion Wood.

Copies of the publication, “All About Hamburg” are available through the Historical Society and at Annie’s Book Stop in Sussex.  The 450 page publication was completed in 1999 by Dr. Marion Wood to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the incorporation of the Borough.  The publication gives a view of the Borough from the early inhabitants in the 1600’s to the last year of the 20th century.  It covers the establishment of the Hamburg Post Office in 1795, municipal leadership, famous families, outstanding citizens, the growth oft he Borough, residential and industrial growth, educational system, religious establishments, historical landmarks and the history of the municipal departments, specifically the Police and Fire Departments.  The cost for “All About Hamburg” is $25 plus tax.

The Historical Society offers 15 different postcards at a cost of $2 each.  All proceeds benefit Hamburg Historical Society.  All cards are photographic.

Should you be interested in obtaining a copy of “All About Hamburg”, obtaining a form for membership, obtain information about upcoming meetings or for ordering postcards, please contact Dr. Marion Wood by e-mail at drwoodme@gmail.com.